Champagne Pierre Gerbais

Pascal Gerbais

Currently the head of the domain, Pascal Gerbais has instilled all areas of production with his vision of a champagne that is known both for its exceptional quality and for its respect for the environment. It was at his initiative that the domain converted to organic cultivation in 1996.

Pierre Gerbais

Imbued with the experiences of Ulysse, his uncle, and André Gerbais, his father, Pierre Gerbais has a deep knowledge and love of Celles-sur-Ource’s terroirs.  His understanding of their diverse characteristics enables him take advantage of the appellation’s best conditions for growing grapes.

Aurélien Gerbais

The youngest generation of the Gerbais family, Aurélien has joined the domain with the mission of preserving the family’s unique approach to champagne, blending harmony and balance.

Ulysse Gerbais

Ulysses Gerbais was one of the pioneers, a survivor of two world wars, who upon his return from the front, chose to devote his life to the vineyards and a new champagne experiment.  Emblematic of the character of his village, he said: « Si tu beuve pas l’Champagne tu sora jamais un homme !! » (If you don’t drink champagne, you will never be a man).

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Celles sur Ource Pierre Gerbais Pierre Gerbais

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